Is what I say private?
All services of the SCS are strictly confidential. SCS staff typically will not release any information regarding clients, or the services they receive, to anyone outside of SCS without the written permission of the client. 

Free. There is no charge for our services.

Yes, we will be happy to see your spouse by himself or herself, or we can see the two of you together if you are having relationship concerns.
No. Some people who come to counseling are very depressed, feel like they may hurt themselves, or have been subjected to abuse growing up. However, many people come to counseling because their grades are suffering, they can't get along with those around them, or they simply need someone to talk to. SCS counselors have diverse experience working with the range of life and academic issues. 

Most students who seek counseling at SCS feel they have met their goals in only a few meetings. Some students stay in counseling longer or come back to focus on a different concern. Counseling is a very flexible process, tailored to your needs.‚Äč